Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is something of a black art, many people know about it but many people don’t know exactly how to do it.

Performing SEO quickly and doing it well enough so that a site appears on the first page of the search results are very important when it comes to a sites success.

The most important aspect and the easiest way of getting a site up the rankings very quickly is by having keywords in the URL.

Should you register a new domain, try and get one with the keywords included.

I noticed a great SEO domain was up for grabs, so I registered it, built the site and in 4 days it was on the first page in position 6 in Google.

The Second most important aspect in swift SEO is keeping your keywords in your sub pages. If you had a site that sold wheelchairs you should have the word “Wheelchairs” in the name of your sub pages.

This will help your site rank a lot faster.

The Third most important aspect is having your home page content displaying your keyword phrases. I would suggest having your keyword phrases repeated on your home page at least ten times thoughout your copy.

The next important aspect is building links with your keywords in the anchor text. Have about three variations here. I once had a client and actually did not do ANY changes to his site. All I did was build hundreds of links from articles with his keywords in his anchor text. In a matter of weeks he was on the first page of Google for a number of keywords.

Lastly, the age of your domain counts for a lot. If you’ve an aged domain that’s over 2 years old you stand a chance of getting onto the first page of the search results in a week if you work hard at it and build links with your keywords in the anchor text.

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32183161416 2043c57411 Seo Best Practice SEO (search engine optimization) is the method of raising the level of traffic either to a web page or a website from any popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo and other search engines. If a site gets higher ranking in the search engine results, it will get more visitors through the search engine. A SEO Expert is a person whoever manages to increase the ranking of a website in the search engine so that it appears on the first page of search results (Top 10). He / She should have profound knowledge of search engines and have aptitude to get the website in peak positions for the required keywords by implementing several methods. The expert decides the strategy to implement depending on the website, industry, competition for keywords, back links, PageRank of competing and client site, etc. A SEO Expert can also be a E-Marketer, Internet Marketing expert, Web- Marketer or SEO Consultant.

Nowadays, search engines are becoming faster and smarter and so is the case with the SEO. Very frequently, Search engines revise their algorithms, and a SEO Expert has to know, investigate, analyze, check and modify tactics very fast. Moreover, it is not a single term job, in fact receiving traffic is a never-ending job and one must be continuously working on it, if they want to receive traffic and continue it. Search engines are a consistent tool and source of traffic at no cost. Therefore, to get a higher rank in the SEs for the targeted keywords, one must do his homework and promote his site.

It takes long-term practice to become a SEO Expert. No one can declare to take the website or web page on the first page and Top 10 ranking in a day. In fact it has to appear by various actions and figures through a long period and it can’t be done by a day, a week or a month. A SEO Expert is the person whoever knows which keywords are searched in popular search engines. Sometimes, when you name a website or a web page you choose a descriptive word for that and you forget what should be the word people will actually look for. As an example, if you launched a website of relationships, then a “relationship guide” can be a good name for that but it may not actually bring traffic to the site, in fact ‘dating advice’ would be a better name.

The career of a SEO Expert understands that there are certain issues that are out of their control. The search engines amend their algorithms very often, and these amendments are not publicized. Therefore it gets very difficult for even the best SEO Expert, since they have to do a lot of analysis for several years on whether a strategy will work or not. Sometimes it gets very disappointing that after ranking a website in highest position; it crashes several positions down due to changes in the method. The SEO professional makes continuous attempts for several years to regain and improve ranking for keywords. They need a lot of tolerance not to surrender when situations are out of their control.

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32611782331 9c57028b1b Website Analysis

Nowadays, many web hosting companies offer free tools for analyzing web traffic statistics. Some of these tools are AWStats and Webalizer. The data produced can be very useful to help you locate the effective and ineffective areas of your website.

One of the most important data reported by the stats programs is the number of unique visitors to your website. With AWStats and Webalizer, the data is presented on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. By viewing it you will be able to measure your website’s activities.

However, the data about unique visitors alone is not enough to determine how well your website is doing. You must also identify the behavior of your visitors to measure more accurately the effectiveness of your site. As one of the most desirable web traffic analysis tools, AWStats allows you to find out the average visit duration of your site visitors.

If there are too many brief visits, say less than 30s, it is most likely that there is an underlying problem. Then the challenge is to figure out what that problem is. It could be that your keywords target the wrong markets or perhaps it is because your graphics are confusing or intimidating, causing visitors to exit rapidly.

Another important data is about the most viewed web pages. By analyzing the data you will be able to pin-point areas on your website that need to be improved. Then you can focus your marketing efforts on these pages. For instance, you can focus on the improvement of the design of the pages.

The site statistical tools also reveal entry and exit trends on a particular web page. If you see there is a crucial percentage of visitors exited through particular pages you must closely examine that pages to discern what the problem is.

Web log analysis tools, such as AWStats and Webalizer, are also able to record top keyphrases which have been responsible for driving traffic to your site. This can help you determine the right keywords for your new web pages. Additionally, the data are also useful for finding out what your visitors actually want.

Analyzing the data about the websites which have succeeded in leading visitors to your site (Site Referrers) can also be accomplished with the help of web log analysis software. By viewing the presented data, for instance, you can trace which article directories are worth your time submitting your next articles.

There are still other sets of data generated by stats programs such as AWStats or Webalizer. AWStats, for instance, also provides reports about the Operating Systems and Browsers that are mostly used by your site visitors, including where they come from. The data about countries is useful to determine whether you need to translate your website or not.

If you use a multiple domain hosting, the web traffic analysis tools, such as AWStats or Webalizer, will provide the statistics of each of your websites. With these tools you can find out how well each of your websites has performed. Some reliable hosting providers today also offer free tools that can help you measure your website’s activities. For instance, the ones that I use also provide information about the last 300 visitors who came to my site in details.

Once again, web log analysis software, such as Webalizer or AWStats, is useful to help you figure out how well or how poorly your site is working for your visitors. After you have analyzed your visitor statistics, just apply the results to your online business.

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