Prices forSEO services could be tricky. Should I pay for hours? And if so, estimate how many hours will be a project is an art in itself, usually learned by trial (sometimes hard and punishment) and error. Every time we asearch engine optimization proposal together we face the same dilemma: Charge by the hour or by the project: If for hours, how do we take into account the anticipated unforeseen tasks? If you do SEO for a living, you most likely know what we are talking about.
SEOmoz recently conducted a survey among the consultants and agencies of all sizes around the world, asking them to share prices theirsearch engine optimization. The study revealed the following takeaways that may be of interest to those of us who compete for the business and shopping for our pricing engine services.Search around the globe
When most SEO practitioners pay between $ 100 to $ 150 per hour, Australia and New Zealand reached the highest hourly rates in a range that reached $ 200 per hour, Western Europe (France, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands) reached more than $ 150 per hour . USA He fell in that range per hour, but not so often. At the lower end of the rate scale was India, with most reporting service providers hourly rates of less than $ 25
So why the disparity? You are linked to quality? If so, then we will assume that a better job comes from down under and low-quality work is delivered from India? We'd love to hear your comments on this because we really have no definitive answer, but it would be good to hear what you have to say.eCommerce search engine optimization
e-commerce requires a little more intelligent, therefore, it requires a little more money, right? One might assume so. The service is easy to write. The products are more difficult. First, not all that product page load and page names. And their descriptions of management products factory will not be picked up by search engine crawlers. They have to be informative rather than giving a full description of the advertising flaunting adjectives.
site infrastructure is another issue. E-commerce sites, by nature, are not ready for SEO. Infrastructure has to be built, which takes time. And time is money. And let's not forget all those images, which must be labeled speed setting load and ALT. Or the car, which needs to be synchronized with a payment structure. And let's not forget maintenance and support.
what we are interested. Apart from its point of view on price disparities between different parts of the world, how price e-commerce sites? They are a separate item? We would love to hear from you. If you are willing to share …
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Written on September 16th, 2009 & filed under Website Optimization Techniques